Canned animations, text decorations, and auto word wrap in labels

First, thank you for making Pulp!!! Its simplicity has given me the motivation and ability to create my own game. It’s so freeing to be able to read the entirety of PulpScript and feel that I know how almost every function works. Ultimately, it’s just a lot of fun to use.

With those constraints in mind, I would like to see additions to Pulp that make it easier to add movement, life, and character to games. These could also help to communicate changes to the player.

Canned animations similar to shake
I know these are currently possible but it would be nice to have a simple way to use them quickly.

  • Transitions (ex. slide_left 0.5)
  • Flash (ex. black 0.3)

Text decorations
Pulp works very well to make dialogue heavy games. I would like to easily make that dialogue even more expressive.

  • A way to make text jiggle or shake

An option to allow animations during menu, ask, say
This would help to add more life to games so they feel less static during dialogue. It is also a frequent source of challenge as I try to show state changes that are either hidden or triggered at the wrong time because of dialogue.

  • An example: I’m making a tiny space adventure and it’s just weird that the planets stop spinning because I’m reading text.

Labels that auto word wrap
Labels are powerful for building UI. If I create a label with height 2 it makes sense to me that I want the text to auto wrap to the next line.