Can't set Dark Theme for the dev forum on Firefox browser

Hello, I hope I'm not double posting, but there is a slightly annoying issue with the dark theme of the Forum.

Actually, I can't manage to activate it.

When I select "dark theme" in the preferences > interface menu, there is a note that says it will be updated after I save the parameters.
So I save the parameters, and then the website goes in dark theme for a few seconds. But I immediatly have a popup saying that the theme will be switched in a few moment, and when the popup disappear, i get switched back to the light theme of the forum.

Ticking the box "made this change active for all my devices" doesn't seems to change anything to the problem.

I'm running Firefox 99.0.1, sometimes on Windows, sometimes on Linux.
If you want more info, don't hesitate to ask me. :slightly_smiling_face:

You also need to select the bottom option "Disable automatic Dark Mode theme switching"

It really means all automatic theme switching, light during the day and dark at night.

Oh i'm so confused I didn't notice this earlier. :weary:

Thank you for your answer and your patience, my problem is solved now. :+1:
I'll set this topic as solved.

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