Can't Update Playdate Simulator In Windows 10 - Reverts Back To Old Version When Closed

Ok, what is the secret to getting the simulator to update? I feel like I am doing everything correctly, but the simulator reverts back to the old version after I close the simulator after the update takes effect. Here is what I am doing and what happens:

  1. I open the Playdate Simulator and then click on "Check For Updates" under "Help".
  2. I download the latest updates and run them after the download finishes. I get asked if it is ok for Panic to make changes to my OS, etc. etc. (normal dialog box).
  3. I see a Playdate SDK setup progress bar and it fills up to 100% over about 30 seconds or so. I then see a "Click Finish To Close Setup" message. I check the "Open Playdate Simulator" checkbox (I have also tried installing the updates without checking the "Open Playdate Simulator" checkbox).
  4. I click the finish button.
  5. The Playdate Simulator will show version 2.0.1 until I close it. When I reopen it, it shows version 1.12.3 when I click on the "About" menu.

So the million dollar questions are:

  1. How do I get the new version to stick?
  2. Am I downloading the same information over and over?

I am in Group 5 and have wrapped up a game I am writing and would like to test it in the simulator under the latest version of the software. Thanks for your help.

Windows users should chime in with REAL info, but in case it helps, here's what happens on Mac:

  • The old version(s) of the SDK are retained in the user's Developer folder (unless you manually trash them), and are in folders named with the version, like "PlaydateSDK-1.13.7."

  • But the CURRENT version is always in a folder without a number: just "PlaydateSDK." (Until you next install a new version, THEN that existing version will become "Playdate-SDK-###.")

  • The Simulator icon in the Dock always points to whatever the latest version is, because it points to "Developer/PlaydateSDK." But if you have a need to run one of the earlier Simulators, you can go into those folders and do so.

I don't know how launching the Simulator is done in Windows. Is a shortcut made? I'm thinking that maybe, although you HAVE installed the new Simulator, you're not launching that one—you're still launching the previous one which remains in its own folder on your drive. Can you search and locate multiple Simulators?

(Where are these things installed on Windows? I don't know the Windows equivilant of the "Developer" folder.)

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How are you re-opening it? It seems you have multiple copies installed (?). I'd suggest removing all the copies you have installed and re-installing it fresh. That should sort you out.

@AdamsImmersive the renaming/moving behavior is only on the Mac, on Windows it overwrites the last installed location by default, but the user can install it wherever they want.


Thanks - both your responses helped me figure it out. When I installed it initially I just put it where it suggested and it did indeed save two separate instances out when I updated. I feel like a dope, but I looked for separate instances before I posted initially and I did not see any. Thanks again.

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