Can't view Wi-Fi MAC address during initial setup

Many university and corporate wi-fi networks use MAC address filtering. The Playdate's MAC can be seen by going to Settings > System > Device Info. However, there's no way to get to this screen until after you've already connected to a wi-fi network.

This isn't an issue that affects me, but a quick search here and in the Playdate Squad Discord shows quite a few people reporting it, so I wanted to get it tracked somewhere. People are excited about their Playdates, and want to get started as soon as possible!


Indeed I was one of those. In my case I could temporarily turn off MAC filtering on my home network to update, the PD MAC, add it to my access list then reset my router, but not everyone can/will be able to do that. The only alternative would be to go visit someplace like Starbucks :slight_smile:

Since the Menu button does work before first update I don't see why it couldn't be programmed to simply show Settings, as it does after first update.

I've got this filed in our system, hopefully we can get it added relatively soon.