Caps, allow adding kerning pair

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Maybe I'm just missing this... but it seems I can only adjust kerning on pairs that the auto-kerner spit out.
If I want to add an adjustment on a new pair, I can't figure out how to do that.

Is it possible? If not, can it be please? :smiley:

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Make it possible to hand kern specific letter pairs as necessary.

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The (probably not yet documented) way to do this right now is to click on the kern pair in the preview. So when you want to create and preview a new pair, put those characters in the preview box. I hope that helps!


Oh boy. Yea – I don't think anyone is going to discover that :smiley:

Even after you told me to look for it, it took me a while :wink:

I ended up doing it by exporting the font, and adding the kern pair manually to the list, then re-opening it.

Yea +1 this. It would be great to have a button that says "+ Add Pair" on the Kerning screen. I checked Caps docs and PD docs but ended up finding my way here after fumbling around