Caps: choice of dark checkerboard for transparency

My font is meant to be all-white, so it's a little hard to see in both the pixel editor and the glyph grid—unless I work on it inverted to black. That's a decent workaround, but a choice of 2 or 3 checkerboards (light, medium, dark) for transparency would be awesome! Or if not that, maybe just have a darker checkerboard built in to some of the UI themes—like Topeka.

Caps is a great tool already, though! Thanks!

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One workaround is to design your font in black, but use code like this when you draw text:

local g =

(Fonts are images under the hood, so setColor() won't affect text drawing but the image draw mode does.)

I recommend using white pixels in your fonts only when there are also black pixels, but it's really up to you.

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Thanks! That's another useful workaround to allow me to work in black (inverting within Caps is easy too). But since my game UI is white-on-black, doing the visual design work on the font AS it will be seen in the game would be a nice thing, even if I ultimately publish the font as black. Not a big deal, just nice!

I'll keep an eye open for unexpected downsides of a white font. If any problems emerge, I will invert my font to black, then re-invert it in the code as in your example.

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