Caps suggestions


  • I use a narrow display and I have a custom CSS hack to make the id=preview container position:fixed so it stays on screen as I scroll horizontally between font/glyph/kerning pairs

  • kerning field not wide enough to show values -10 etc

feature requests:

  • option to export PNG+FNT in addition to the FNT with embedded image data
    (i do most of my font image work outside of caps, and did outside of font tool before hand)

  • option to import PNG to replace image data but leaving all Caps metadata (widths, kerning, name, etc) untouched

  • ability to drag/drop rearrange the panels and save by user preference (i have more CSS overrides to do this):

    • character set
    • glyph
    • kerning pairs
  • black/white toggle pen to make drawing really quick

please bring back:

  • the ability to nudge numeric values in kerning pairs without typing (used to be up/down arrows)

please bring back:

  • press b to switch to pen tool, successive pressed toggle between pen black/white ink
  • press e to switch to eraser tool

Here’s my current CSS hack layout for my portrait display

I’m currently working on a new Kerning view.

Please see my reply here re: exporting fnt+png pairs.

If you edit a separate png and leave its fnt pair alone it should retain all the metadata when you reopen the font (select the fnt first and it should prompt you for the png).

You can toggle black/white color by pressing X (just like in Photoshop). When you start drawing on a filled pixel it will clear it and vice versa.

P switches the active tool to pen.
E switches the active tool to eraser.

If those shortcuts aren’t working please check your browser’s console for errors and report back.

Great, thanks!

  • new kerning view sounds good

To answer your question and keep things in this thread, my workflow was slower using Caps but it is improving since I did my CSS hack and your hints above will help even more.

My only issues with Caps are when looking for equivalents for how I use(d) Font Tool.

Caps is much better than Font Tool in many ways, especially for large fonts, so I’m ready for any/all improvements.

I know I’m a bit odd using a portrait display (I mostly use it for two windows in top/bottom half) but the overly horizontal nature of both Caps and Pulp have tripped me up in my narrow (1080px) browser windows.

Reporting back:

  • P, E and X keys work

Not being a heavy Photoshop user I did not think to check other keys. :sweat_smile:

(Note to self: make sure cursor is not in a kerning field when trying to press these keys)

  • prefs.saveFormat=1 works

This is really useful as it let’s me carry on with my external workflow using Font Tool, Bits’n’Picas and other apps. Now that I am able to do that I think the roundtrip import/export will be fine.


  • TAB key used to move focus to next character in set, Shift+TAB to previous character
    (I appreciate this is tricky because browser tab order, but maybe other key(s) can do this?)

other thoughts:

  • hot spot of hand cursor is on the thumb, not where i would expect, which means i trip over trying to drag the width bar when using hand mode (maybe it would be better as index finger?)

You can use the arrow keys to move around the character set grid (it wraps at the edges).

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Aha! Yes, that works.