Caps: Undo/redo buttons in sidebar don't do anything when clicked

In Caps, the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons in the sidebar don't seem to do anything when they're clicked. This is consistent in any web browser I've tested with (Chrome, Safari and Firefox on macOS 13.0, as well as Chrome and Edge on Windows 11). Using undo/redo via keyboard shortcuts behaves as expected.

Looking into it further, it doesn't look like any part of the Caps JavaScript bundle references these button elements to register click events on them.

Adding the following JS code would fix this:

bind('#button-undo', 'click', undo);
bind('#button-redo', 'click', redo);

These buttons are still broken.

Several months ago I reached out to Panic about taking on development of Caps and Pulp and the response seemed positive, only to then turn into total silence. Not really sure what's going on, but I'm still open to working on these tools! :slight_smile:

Thanks for pinging us on this! I will try and get this looked at soon.

And thank you for your offer to help! At this time I'm not familiar with the discussions we might have had around letting individuals outside Panic work on tools like Caps. (Sometimes that can be a deceptively complex decision to make.) :\ Regardless, we appreciate the offer!

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