Caps unexpectedly adding empty � glyph

Hi! I wanted to use Caps to slightly edit a third party font (with embedded image data), and noticed that re-exporting the font led to the default Ⓐ and Ⓑ etc not being displayed anymore.

These special glyphs are not included in the font itself, but the drawText() function will usually fall back to the system font to draw them, so it automatically "mixes" both fonts for you. Caps however, automatically added in some sort of default image for the � (unknown) glyph, which in turn prevented the system font from being used. This happens even if you don't make adjustments to the font in Caps.

  1. Manually removing the image in Caps before exporting did not fix it, because the empty � was still added to the .fnt file (with a width of 0).
  2. Removing the line from the .fnt file resulted in the Ⓐ and Ⓑ showing again, but broke the characters following it. (I'm not sure how the embedded data is encoded, but I expected this to work since the glyph has a width of 0, so I assumed it would not change the "offset" of the next glyph.)
  3. I eventually replaced the � with a character I don't need to display, and this fixed the issue for me.

Even if the fallback mechanism is not something you should fully rely on, it's handy and this result was quite unexpected.

tl;dr Importing and re-exporting a .fnt file in Caps (seemingly a no-op) breaks the rendering of the built-in Ⓐ, Ⓑ, :lock:, :yellow_square:, :fishing_pole_and_fish: glyphs.

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