Cards View skips every so often (2.x)

  • 2.0.0
  1. Have a couple dozen games installed (a bunch of mine are prototypes/tests/etc)
  2. Scroll through them
  3. Listen the the key repeat sound and watch the cards pass by

In the below video it jumps from Art& to Rain, skipping part of Art& and both $0.99c and Sparrow Solitaire.

I don't think this is new for 2.x but it does seem worse than i remember it being in 1.3.x

  • recorded via Mirror

What method are you using to scroll through the cards?

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This is holding down in the dpad

We're tweaking how that will scroll the view in a future SDK update (it should be a lot faster and hopefully smoother). Once that's out maybe give this another look to see if you're still seeing skipping issues.

Thanks for the problem report, as always!


Sounds good! No worries

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