CAT WORLD, a tiny epic adventure made in Pulp

Hey everyone! It occurred to me that I'd posted a bunch of bug reports here but not a link to my actual game. And since I just published a small update now seems like the perfect time.

The game is CAT WORLD, a narrative puzzle-adventure made in Pulp. You play as Ember, a lost kitten making their way across a strange land loosely based off sketches I made as a kid.

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This first chapter is around fifteen minutes long. There is an auto-save between rooms, so you don't need to complete it in one sitting. And it's available for free download over on Stay tuned for updates!


It’s been a while but I just released a second chapter! This one is quite a bit longer with a somewhat heavier emphasis on the narrative.

It’s available for $2 over on CAT WORLD by pawprints

Oh and I made a trailer too! Check it out!