Catalog web feature image does not update correctly

Web feature image never refresh in the dev > catalog home page.

I uploaded a non finished artwork to check how the colours will look like on the Catalog page and after uploading the final artwork, it is still displaying the old version:

The catalog web page correctly display the final artwork:

However if I try to update the feature image, it sometimes goes back to the non finished artwork instead of using the uploaded image.

At first I thought that it was a browser cache issue but it seems consistent across my phone and my desktop.

I had this with Sparrow Solitaire. Seems to be an overzealous cache algorithm.

I can't remember my workaround but it was either using new/unique filenames every time (annoying) or optimising the image every time (slightly less annoying as I have it mapped to a hotkey) to ensure filesize was different/unique.

Tomorrow I'll be uploading test images for YOYOZO so I'll keep in touch if I discover anything new.

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thanks for catching that. we're using the share card image for that page, which is a composite generated from your image and background color. it should be changing whenever either the Website Feature Image or Background Key Color change. i'll manually clear the composite, which should cause it to regenerate.

EDIT: actually it looks like it might have already been resolved—are you seeing that as well?

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Yes it looks all right now on both my Mac and my phone :sweat_smile: . Thanks!

Was it the cache all along after all ?

It may have been—I feel like I have seen the generated filename collide with a previous one, which could cause cache issues. Please let me know if this happens again and I'll take a look, either with a bug report like this or directly at I haven't seen this happen for some time, so reproducing it would be helpful for solving i!