Clock visual glitch in the system menu

(This is not strictly an SDK bug—apologies—but rather one in Playdate OS. Please let me know what channel I should report similar bugs to in the future.)

I got my Playdate last week (after seven months of waiting, yay!) and yesterday I spotted a glitch.

While charging and with the system menu open, the clock had visual glitches: the screen didn't re-draw properly when time digits changed. (See menu-clock-glitch-charging.jpg)

It wasn't a one-off glitch:

  • I could reproduce it several times in a row.
  • Soft reboot (via the Settings option) didn't help.
  • Lock and un-lock the screen didn't re-draw the clock properly.
  • See menu-clock-glitch.mp4.

Later that day, I noticed the same glitch again, but this time while running on battery. (See menu-clock-glitch-battery.jpg).

Today I can't reproduce the glitch. It's impossible to take a screenshot of the system menu, so I don't know whether it was a hardware glitch, a screen buffer glitch, a memory glitch, or whatnot. I'm enclosing good ol' photos and videos instead (-:

  • Playdate OS version: 2.0.4

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This will be fixed in the next release, thanks for the report.