Collection of classic Arcade Fonts

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on this collection of fonts from classic arcade games. It currently contains 90+ fonts organized into 10 categories, including live previews.

This project is work-in-progress and will be updated constantly! Feel free to post feedback and like the project on GitHub!


These are awesome! :smiley:

Great! This is inspiring, to see so much variation in 8x8 pixels.

Tip: from the Readme, link to another markdown file that simply contains all previews, so you can scroll through them in a single page. Also perhaps, also have the previews contain a sentence, so you can get a feel for kerning / tracking / spacing.

Also, I'd like to know which of these are mono space. Or if you want to give me your personal recommendation: what is a legible, sans, mono space font suitable for a score counter?

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Good suggestion! I've been thinking about using the previews as a CSS sprite-map and allow users to enter custom text on a website. Not sure if I can pull this off before I go travelling throughout May, but it would be lovely to have.

Maybe I can help with that!?

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The new website makes it easier to browse and download the included fonts. I already completed pages for individual fonts that let test out the fonts using custom text, but before it's ready to go online, I will have to re-render all preview images first.


There are some minor issues with the routing of the page, but that shouldn't stop you from previewing the font


I'm still having some ideas to improve the handling of missing characters, e.g. optionally converting glyphs to uppercase when there there's no lowercase support – but that will have to wait a bit longer.

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In order to test these fonts on the device (or simulator), I‘ve created this simple viewer app for the Playdate.

There‘s room for impovements (and ideas), but I‘m only figuring out Lua and the SDK at the moment.

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