Commenting not working?

I'm running into an issue with commenting my scripts. Every time I attempt to put in two slashes, the "can't compile" warning pops up, and the editor complains about an invalid expression. Strangely, I can use the commenting keyboard shortcut without issue.

I'm on a Windows machine running Chrome 107.0.5304.88, if that matters.

Does this error appear as you type, or only when you leave the script editor (by clicking outside the text area, or by backgrounding the tab/window)?

If the former, something weird is going on. If the latter, my guess is that there's a problem elsewhere in your script: possibly an invisible character typed by accident somewhere.

Does the problem occur in every game or just this one? What if you start a new, empty project and try typing // into a script there?

@dwineman It looks like a Chrome extension called Magical (text macro tool) was causing the issue. I think typing "//" was causing the extension to open a context menu, thus navigating away from the Pulp editor and causing the error message to pop up.

Disabling the extension fixed it!

Glad to hear it was an easy fix!

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