Community Developer Programme

To address the issue of developers still not having hardware for performance testing, I propose that developers (1) who have two playdates will be matched to an aspiring dev (2) in group 4 or 5 to sell their spare unit.

To make it as hassle free as possible for the sender (1), the receiver(2) will cover all the costs of shipping and imports.

For the receiving party (2), the costs come down to shipping and import duties, as they will get the cost of the unit back when they pass it on to another dev (3) once dev 2 has received their order from panic.

This system of passing a playdate from dev to dev could go on until playdates are available directly from panic without pre-order.

To minimize the cost of shipping and imports, sender and receiver would be matched on location as much as possible.

Are there any senders or receivers interested in such a Programme?

Please mention in your reply whether you could act as sender or receiver + country of residence

Receivers: please note that your upfront costs would be the cost of a playdate + shipping and possibly import duties.

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