Community for Curious Creatives!-- helping new talent develop + showcase skills

hii! i'm a young composer girl who dabbles with a lot of stuff. i really think video game music would be an amazingly fulfilling future for me. <3

i'm just not sure where to start, i guess. i've been playing around with pulp and love that it has a music program built in. but i'm still rather intimidated going in on my own. especially with all the other game components that seem necessary. it's like a wall for me-- i just wanna make tunes!

i would love to form a community helps wannabe crank-creatives like me get into what makes them curious. we could make tech demo showcases together that give cute samples of our work.

give me a shout if this peeks your interest!-- hoping anyone can be involved, no matter their trades or experience levels~~

eeek! this was my first post,


ps: not sure if there'll be a real "leader" to this whole thing. i'm certainly in no place to do that. i simply want an ecosystem i can feel safe and supported in. i often struggle to find my place in generally.


Have you tried the Playdate Squad Discord? It's a friendly place with lots of creatives making things, showing and sharing. There are channels for music and more.

Details of that and more at


ooo, playtime is just beginning~~

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