Compiler errors result in a version = nil error

If the LUA compiler has an error that results in it not being able to compile, the simulator will still start and complain about the version (nil) being too old

I would really appreciate that when this error is detected, the simulator self-terminate

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Are you using the 1.11 SDK? If you fix your error, rebuild and press the retry button it will reload the game correctly. But you'd rather have it just quit in this case? Would a quit button be OK?

1.10 and it claims to be up to date

I'd rather no message boxes that I have to click ok to get rid of

Are you using VSCode? Ideally the build script (?) you're using would see a pdc result error code and not launch the Sim at all.


I'm using the template from SquidGodDev, if that matters

Yeah, this template should not launch the Sim if pdc returns an error code when it builds. Seems like worthwhile feedback.