Compiling on Ubuntu failed

Hi guys,
I transfered from macOs to Ubuntu for fun, I have few issues so far:

  • the pdc command is not in the envrionemtn, even I exported to the ENV
  • I manually commanded like "~/PlaydateSDK-1.12.3/bin/pdc main.lua , but I got an error " error: ./main.lua:3: No such file: Corelibs/sprites "

What's wrong with the SDK?

It definitely looks like it can't find the SDK in the environment. I'm not sure if the path to pdc is added automatically on Linux but for the missing libs did you check that you have PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH set correctly?

Beyond setting PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH so pdc can find the SDK, if you'd like to execute pdc without specifying the path you need to add the SDK/bin folder to your $PATH. These topics are covered here.

hi didier,
thanks for your reply.

I've definitely exported sdk folder to ENV.
with simulator opened, every game works fine. But it's just not working on compiling process.

hi willco will
hope you are doing well

I've exported sdk path to the ENV. manually point out where the bin/ folder is should be working as well.
maybe it's an unrevealed bug, idk

Is your export using the full path to the SDK or a tilde? If you're using a tilde, replace the path with the full path. If you're still having trouble please paste in what your export looks like. Also, make sure to source your profile file or reopen your terminal after making any changes.

  • i'm using Ubuntu 20.04LT.

  • here is the path to sdk:


i grapped a demo, which has 4 imports with an empty palydata.updata() function:

import "CoreLibs/object"

import "CoreLibs/graphics"

import "Corelibs/sprites"

import "CoreLibs/timer"

function playdate.update()


  • next manually trying to compile it:

/home/ubuntu/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-1.12.3/bin/pdc main.lua

unfortunately, with a bug which is wired

error: ./main.lua:4: No such file: CoreLibs/timer

  • and i have exported with absolute path to the sdk to the ENV, like

export PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH="/home/ubuntu/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-1.12.3/bin"

But the shell has no knowledge to this "pdc".

is my system not supporting playdate sdk at this moment? That's my opinon.

Remove the quotes on the export path. You also have to add the bin dir to your $PATH for the shell to know about pdc. It should look like:

export PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH=/home/ubuntu/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-1.12.3

if you want pdc to run without the full path you need to add it to $PATH like so:

export PATH=/home/ubuntu/Downloads/PlaydateSDK-1.12.3/bin:$PATH