Config for default say appearance

Currently you can call

say "message"

to display a text box at a default position and size.

Alternatively you can specify the position and size like

say "message" at x,y,w,h

I would like to change the position and size of my text boxes across my game, but at the moment that means adding at x,y,w,h to every single "say" command.

It'd be neat if you could change the default position and size through config.

There are already coordinates set in config with config.followCenterX and config.followCenterY, so I would suggest adding:

  • config.sayX
  • config.sayY
  • config.sayW
  • config.sayH

I think this would make customising the appearance of Pulp games simpler, easier, and still Pulp-like :slightly_smiling_face: