Connected playdate game

Hello all,
I just discovered the Play date and I'm in love with the concept.
I immediately thought of how it could be useful and integrate with a project I am working on.

To know whether I can integrate it, could somebody tell me whether these options are supported or planned to be supported?

  • Wifi API calls (to sync data with an app so that users can access the game on PC, mobile, and playdate, with more options and adapted UI on PC).
  • a way to quantify the intensity of Bluetooth signals and wifi signals around the device (this would be useful to make my game change its behavior depending on the context the person is in, for instance in their home vs in a forest).

The ability to use wifi to send data and receive data is a MUST. Otherwise I'll have to look for alternatives.

All the best,

Someone with more knowledge may correct me, but I don’t believe networking is currently supported. Look here: