Controlling the simulator using a gamepad [Win]

I suggest adding gamepad (xbox/playstation) as available input for simulator:

D-pad → :d_up: :d_down: :d_left: :d_right:
Left stick → Accelerometer
Right stick → :crank:
Right button (B/⭘) → :a:
Lower button (A/🞩)→ :b:

This is already possible.

See docs: 3.4. Using the Playdate Simulator

The simulator can also be controlled by a select number of a compatible USB game controllers or the Playdate console itself, if connected.

Choose menu Controls > Configure Controllers…

If your controller is not supported (one USB pad I use has d-pad as two axes) you can use, or similar app, to map controller to keys.

I use xbox series x controller, simulator doesn’t response to it. I do not have “Configure Controllers” on windows simulator:

Oh! The feature is missing on Windows.

try an external app to remap your controller to keys/mouse.

I suggest using Xpadder till this feature gets added. Though I don't know how it'd support the crank...

This was added to the Win/Linux Sim a while back, FWIW.