Copy/Paste in Music editor

Is there a way to copy/paste notes or bars in the sound/song editor?

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If you hold shift and click you can drag a box around all the notes and select them and move the lot, but doesn’t seem to be any way to duplicate or copy.

I think there’s a few features that desperately need to go on the feature request threads for the song editor, like copy/paste, the ability to import midi files and song sheets and right clicking a placed note to remove it.

Thank’s for the quick reply!

Yes. Hold shift and drag to select multiple notes/bars. Then hold option and click on one of the selected notes/bars and drag, it will drag a copy. You can also use the tool icons on the right to switch to select-multiple and clone without having to use the modifier keys.

Looks like I need to added these to the docs: Playdate Pulp

Sorry about the omission!


That’s excellent! Thanks!