Crank Casino Announce Trailer + Full Demo Available!

Crank Casino, the upcoming story driven, roguelike casino on a spaceship game is on its way! A demo is now available for feedback, and to give everyone a taste of the full release! This started as a simple coinflip simulator that I found out was a lot more fun than it should have been! I present Crank Casino! I have the official announce trailer here!

The demo is available here -

The game will feature, 3 casino-style games that allow the player to get the experience of gambling in a casino, with all virtual dollars! The demo has the first of these three games available, CoinFlip! The next 2 planned games are High Low and an original game called Cruds . Cruds will play similar to roulette except it will feature a 6-sided die!


Spend your winnings to buy items that will permanently enhance your future games! These include higher starting money, refunding you some winnings on a loss, and even...increasing your chances to win!?!


But that's not all, engage with a varied cast of characters who call this spaceship casino their home! In the full game, there will feature 6 characters, each with their own story to tell. The demo comes with Arthur's complete story, and half of Elizabeth's story available.


This is my biggest game yet and I am so happy to have the demo out there to get some feedback and build up the hype! I've bumped up the music, art and animations this go round!

The demo is available here -