Crank keep position when using a controller

Not sure if this is a bug or missing feature but when the crank position is changed with a mouse it keeps the position (intended) but when using a controller it snaps back to 0. I imagine a deadzone is needed.

This is a tough one due to the way thumb sticks work and how they process events. For example, we can't tell if you're quickly rotating the stick through the middle of the axis or if the stick is going back to neutral position and we should ignore it. We do have dead zone support (see the controller prefs) which may help to determine what the user is intending...I'll have to chew on this for a bit. :slight_smile: Thanks for the report!

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What are your thoughts on using a shoulder button as a modifier and making it so that it only updates the crank position when it's pressed?

Oh, I do like that idea. To build off that, how about a button that is a 'lock' for the thumb sticks that will lock them in their current position when pressed? Then you wouldn't have to hold it down, but rather press it when you're done cranking. You could also map it to any button.

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That sounds good too, I was suggesting the shoulders for this so that you can keep the thumbs on the sticks as you press the lock toggle but having it mappable would certainly be even better!

I should note, in the mean time, you can map cranking clockwise/counterclockwise to a button in the Controller Preferences which will work like manually moving the crank control.