Crank not moving when scrolling mouse wheel on Windows Simulator

When using the Simulator on Windows, the crank doesn't respond to the mouse scroll wheel (like it does on Pulp). As an alternative, I tried clicking the MMB and moving the mouse but it doesn't work either.

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Looks like this functionality was missed in the Windows simulator. Thanks for the report!

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I use Linux and I also have encountered this.

This will be in the next feature release, thanks for the report!

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Hi Playdate team!

I've noticed that in the latest 1.9.3 SDK release you can now move the crank using the scroll wheel but ONLY when the mouse pointer is hovering the input for the crank value. Is this the intended solution for the original bug report? If feels weird specially because on Pulp it works without issue (whenever you scroll the mouse wheel, the crank moves, no matter where the mouse pointer is positioned). I know Pulp is a totally different implementation and technology, but just wanted to point that out.

Anyways, thanks again for giving attention to this issue. Cheers!

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Hi Will!

Any update on this?

Yup, we're planning on SDK 1.10 beta release at some point next week which includes the feature. Coming soon!