Crank That Clicker : an incrementale game made for the Playdate

This is a game heavily inspired by Cookie Clicker where you play with the crank of the playdate. There are 10 different buildings and 5 upgrades for each of them. I tried to come with original name and ideas for every upgrade, I'll let you judge if those ideas are good !

I'm more a programmer than a graphist but I hope my pixel arts are good enough ! Some come fron my mind, and some are inspired by ones I found on the internet.

Sounds come from either me, or a large sounds bank I purchased long ago.






I made an update ! French and German localisation !


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I made another update !

As people suggested it, buildings and upgrades are now unlocked over time, I've hadded a statistic page and cranks are more powerfull than before ! I also added a background theme among other things

(it's also compatible with your old save)



I only have two more buildings left to go, though they seem an awfully long way off at 370 and 500 trillion respectively. Any hints about how to get there without totally forgetting about this game? I’ve really enjoyed the process though!

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To be honest, it need more diverse upgrade like cookie clicker. It's true that the last buildings are too far away to grab, I should update the game some time in the future.