Crash log 1.2.0

I had been using the device, not sure how I left it, when I looked back it had crashed to the falling blocks screen.

Perhaps related to Crash and lockup installing 1.2 on the device - #2

Also odd that the date is not correct in these. Would be useful.

--- crash at 2000/01/01 00:00:00---
   r0:00008001    r1:08010ede     r2:0805872b    r3: 00000000
  r12:00000051    lr:0802b4c1     pc:0802b4c0   psr: 41000000
 cfsr:00010000  hfsr:40000000  mmfar:00000000  bfar: 00000000
heap allocated: 1382944
Lua totalbytes=0 GCdebt=0 GCestimate=0 stacksize=0

Thanks for the report!

This looks like an issue with our background game sync while the device is locked.
Fix is already in, so marking this as resolved for 1.2.1

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However, device was not locked at the time.

It was plugged in by cable and I have the setting to not auto lock when charging.

Perhaps related, from errorlog.txt

settingsview.lua:200: attempt to call a nil value (field 'getAudioOutput')
stack traceback:
	settingsview.lua:200: in method 'viewWillAppear'
	main.lua:260: in field 'pushView'
	launchingview.lua:34: in method 'viewDidAppear'
	main.lua:266: in local 'completion'
	main.lua:131: in upvalue 'transition'
	main.lua:263: in field 'pushView'
	main.lua:353: in main chunk

I had the same thing happen.

Re-opening this – that crashlog.txt indicates the same code path as the 1.2 lock screen crash, but maybe that crash log was already there beforehand.

I’ll take a look into that errorlog.txt, thanks for posting it!

Ok no worries.

Let me know if you want any more, and how I might tell if they’re the same or different?

Great question!

If it crashes while locked, it’s likely that one issue. Otherwise if the device is unlocked, I’d definitely be interested in more crash logs (thank you!). You can tell if they’re the same by looking at the lr:XXXXXXXX pc:XXXXXXXX and seeing if they match.

That errorlog.txt entry looks even pre-1.1.0, I think. I’ll get dates into errorlog.txt when I fix crashlog dates so it’s a bit more useful in general.

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