Custom Exit tiles

I’d like the ability to change the artwork for Exit tiles, similar to other tiles types. This would allow us to “disguise” exits and otherwise create new, interesting ways of moving to new locations. It would really open up the narrative possibilities for people strictly using Pulp only.

Another suggestion is to include PulpScript logic into Exits themselves to allow the same Exit tile to go to different Rooms (or none at all) based what conditions are met.

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An easy way around this is to use an item, sprite or “tile” and call a function that moves the player, removing the need for the exits entierly.
For example:

on interact do
call "endgame"

on endgame do
	goto 12,12 in "EndRoom"

That would transfer the player to the room “EndRoom” at tile 12,12.

The only thing we don’t currently have access to is whatever function (restart, reload, whatever) that the “FIN” tile does so you have to use one of those to reset the game, which is a bit annoying but yno, it’s only beta and i’m sure that’ll come eventually.

Exits only have a visual representation in the editor. In the game they just look like the tile beneath them.

PulpScript does have a function comparable to the Fin exit type. It’s called, wait for it, fin.


Ah nice! That wasn’t clear to me from the documentation, just says it marks the game as finished and calls the “finish” event lol :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Matt. I figured there might be a way to accomplish this with other tiles.

I was able to accomplish what I was trying to do with the “goto” function, but not by “calling” it as you have done. I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Ooo! Awesome. Thanks again.