Dash Arena - A small arcade action game - Out now!

Hey everyone! I've just released my first game for Playdate!
It is a small arcade game called Dash Arena!

Zip through evil slime monsters. The more you hit with one dash, the more points you get.


Check it out here :arrow_down_small:


Very cool! Could be a kinda Vampire Survivors.

Love the stretchy arrow. :heart_eyes_cat:

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I actually had an Vampire Survivors like upgrade-system in the game in the beginning. But it wasn't really working for the gameplay I was going for. As soon as I had enemies in there that could take more damage than one hit (you could upgrade your attack power for example), It just felt wrong. So I removed it entirely :sweat_smile:
I like it way more how it is now.

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Is the itch.io page somehow set to hidden or something? I can view it via your link, but it doesn't show up in search or the most recent Playdate entries for me. (see: Latest games tagged Playdate - itch.io)

Unfortunately, it takes itch a while to make paid games searchable and put them on the new released games list. At least that's how I understood it.
Apparently it takes longest for your first release. I released a couple of games on itch so far, but this one is my first paid game. So maybe that's why it's not searchable yet.
But maybe someone with more experience with itch can answer that better than me.

I hope Dash Arena gets indexed by itch soon :slight_smile:

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That does sound likely. My first Itch release—which was paid—became searchable quickly, but that seems to be very much the exception.

On the other hand, it NEVER appeared under New/Recently Released—the system never accepted the release date that determines that—even after I contacted support.

And my first payout (months later) was delayed well over a week awaiting human review.

Itch can be quirky! They do seem to get backlogged a lot. Great site all the same!


The game is on the list now. :partying_face:


Awesome! That's great :blush: Thanks!

Hey everyone! I released the first Update for Dash Arena :blush:
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions @NPException!

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