Dedicated UI for dialogue features and music tracks

I was looking for something a bit more feature rich than bitsy while at the same time without the limits of Pico-8, and I thought Pulp was great so I plan to make a game with it.
It would be nice if a dedicated UI for dialogue features could be added, since it is a lot more nerdy to make branching dialogues than in bitsy. It could also be nice to have an UI to customize speech bubbles, or even make a customizable messaging app-like template (inspired by the one in Bloom for example but with character icons for example to allow several people conversations to be easy to understand, and customize)
Since bitsy is most about story and dialogue, and Pulp is based on a related idea it could be nice to have such QOL tools for dialogue and text.

For the music I would like to be have multiple tracks with a sqare wave for example, so chords could sound as they come from a single instrument. So being able to select the wave for each trach would be really appreciated!!

I hope Pulp would get so easy to use people would prefer to bitsy... and maybe some day we could get a Playdate Color (like we got a gameboy color), I don't mind if it is onlu for web publishing and pulp development (even with 4 colors it would be enough to create a lor more variety of games and get Playdate a lot more exposure)


Thanks for the suggestions! I made your reply a new topic in the Feature Request category so that we can track it more easily-- hope that's ok!

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