Delete game screen becomes unresponsive after server unreachable error interrupts

I was deleting some old versions from my device and mid-way through deleting a bunch, I got an error that the system could not connect to the server (either for refresh or update, I'm not sure which).

After this the delete panel that was on the screen still looks like it is there but it is not, and pressing A brings up a new delete panel. If you action this I'm not sure what happens, I guess the game is deleted, but if you press Cancel the screen becomes unresponsive. You can press home to get back to the launcher.

To reproduce:

  1. Settings > Games
  2. Choose Refresh List & Update All if they're not running (they should run if you've not opened this screen for a while)
  3. Select a game and choose delete
  4. Wait on the delete confirmation screen, highlight delete button to we can recognise this state later on
  5. Error alert appears
  6. Choose Cancel
  7. (delete screen with delete button highlighted is still present, but buttons operate the screen behind)
  8. Press A
  9. Delete confirm appears with cancel button highlighted so we know it's a new dialog
  10. Choose Cancel
  11. (old delete screen with delete button highlighted is still present)
  12. Screen is now unrepsonsive
  13. Press menu and choose Home