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I think I've got an almost working game. I'd love someone with a :playdate: to try it out and see if it can handle all the code.

You can think of the game play as a reverse Space Invaders. You drop food to feed fish, but don't over feed them or they'll die. Game ends when 10 fish die. You only score when you hatch new fish.


All comments welcome, and let me know if you'd like me to do a fuller write up of how all the code works.

Fish (21.9 KB)


Also, how do I get access to the Discord server. Sounds like there's a lot of useful information on there?

Ooh I really like how this is looking, it reminds me of those old flash games where you have to keep a tank of fish alive. I remember buying the water cleaner, and decorations and stuff.

The Discord can be joined using this link:
Keep in mind that while several members of the Panic team are active there, it's not an official Discord.

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Yes, our Discord server is by invitation only for now, though I expect that will change as we get closer to shipping. Panic doesn't moderate or endorse the unofficial Discord, but you are welcome to use it.

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