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I saw a new link on the Develop For Playdate page today for Libraries and Tools, and, being quite interested in such things, clicked on it. Lots of great stuff there, I'm glad it's getting front-page billing, thanks for adding that link.

I noticed a few minor issues with regards to projects mentioning C++ (since that's what I'm primarily focused on,) that I want to bring to the attention of anyone who might be able to resolve such things:

  1. The link to the boilerplate playdate-cpp github project has the same notes as the Nim bindings link, in what looks like an accidental copy-paste, as the link itself works totally fine. If y'all wanted to also link to the C++ API extension project too so that people can get the full C++ experience in one go, I would be ever so grateful, but as this list appears to be quite deliberately curated, the omission of any project cannot be considered an errata, so I won't press.
  2. Aaron Jacobs is not the author or lead maintainer of the playdate-cpp project, but the project's most recent contributor. I do not want to downplay how much I appreciate Aaron's contribution, nor put my vanity on full disgusting display, so it is with great sheepishness that I request that the byline on this project be changed to either NaOH (the project's original author,) or myself (it's lead maintainer.)
  3. Tophat is an excellent project that I have used a lot and love to death. The note currently says "C++ for Playdate," but it is actually an alternative to Caps as a tool for building fonts for Playdate.

Petty issues aside, this page is great: thank you so much for broadcasting these projects with such prominence. I really appreciate the work you all do to support the developer community.

I'm fixing all these today—thanks! For your credit, I'm using Metaphaseaudio. Let me know if you'd prefer another label.


I also noticed a small oversight on the author of the Nim bindings, Nino van Hooff is one of the contributors, but I'm the original author :sweat_smile:

(and PDFontTool lists Jacob White as an author, but their only contribution was a spelling fix in the readme.)

I checked a bit more deeply in that list, I think these are the oversights:

  • Noble Engine: by Mark LaCroix and Brian Gilham.
    Brian Gilham just made a few small contributions, like many others in that repo.

  • Nim Playdate: by Samuele Zolfanelli Nino van Hooff.
    Nino van Hooff is one of the contributors, but not the author or lead developer/maintainer.

  • Rust for Playdate: by Rob Tsuk and Alexander Koz.
    I think it may be justified having two authors here, Alexander Koz (who also has another Playdate Rust repo) is the creator of the pd-rs org, and Rob Tsuk is the author and lead developer of the linked bindings.

  • PDFontTool: by Jacob White and Takuya.
    As @Jackson_57 pointed out, Jacob White only fixed a spelling mistake in the readme.

To reach these conclusions, I checked the Contributors page of each GitHub repo.

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