Developing Accessories: Is there precise reference measurements available for the Play.Date?


Is there a reference schematic which describes the critical measurements of the playdate?

In addition to coding some apps, I've been 3D printing some accessories for the PlayDate. I was hoping there might be some technical schematics with precise measurements that I could use for reference as I design/develop physical accessories.

I'm especially interested in knowing the specific dimensions between the 4 corner screws.

The website states the playdate is 76 × 74 × 9 mm, but when I took my own measurements it appears to be more like 77.5 x 75.10 x 9mm.

Before I spend a bunch of time taking manual measurements with my hand dandy digital caliper, I was wondering if there was some hardware reference docs I am missing?


SDK Get Help - Playdate Developer Forum (click the search button at the top right from Get Help).

We don't have anything like that to share at the moment, but you could try this unofficial Fusion 360 project.


This is great! I can definitely use this as reference for accessory design.

Still when team Panic has time, some official measurements would be cool. Something tells me the PlayDate's design spec doesn't call for a width of 75.02mm.

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Here's a dimensioned drawing made from the original Playdate design files — as far as I know everything is accurate, though I may have missed a measurement here or there. Please let me know if this helps or if we can improve it. (86.6 KB)


Amazing! Beautiful to see an original document like this.

Thanks & Cheers

I want this on a T-shirt! @cabel


agreed! I love schematics/measurements like this and could def make this a poster or merch