Development workflow when using Pulp on iPad

I'm considering buying a Playdate for my godson's birthday, because he enjoys developing games in Scratch and would love building for a real device. He only has an iPad he could use to develop on however, so I'm wondering what development workflows that supports. On an iPad, he would be limited to using Pulp, and I'm assuming sideloading over USB would not be supported. Does Pulp have wireless sideloading built-in though? Or would he have to download the PDX and upload it manually every time he makes a change to the game?

I develop exclusively on an iPad. My workflow is to primarily test in the Pulp simulator then export and sideload major versions for testing on the hardware. The simulator works great — some people have made their entire game purely in the simulator!

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Thanks! That's really good to hear. I'm still a bit hesitant, because having to manually export and sideload to test on the hardware is not the seamless experience I was hoping for.

I'm also a little worried about the limitations of Pulp itself as compared to the full SDK. To be honest, I'd feel a lot better if Pulp were open source and I could extend it if needed.