Device will no longer sleep/autolock when powered?

Apparently my Playdate does not autolock anymore--except when not powered. It doesn't switch to the clock if it's plugged into the wall, unless I lock manually.

This is true running any game, or just sitting on the Launcher screen.

(I'm running 1.12.3--maybe that's when the change happened?)

Could this be related to reports of battery running down very quickly?

Iā€™m thinking not: this is only about when plugged into power.

When not plugged into power, my device still autolocks, and battery life has been terrific!

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Ah, OK, my oversight!

When you say "plugged into the wall," do you mean that literally? I'm speculating but if your device is plugged into a computer and the Simulator is running, the serial connection might be what's keeping it awake.

Good question--it happens whether charging from a computer or from a USB brick.

I assume you already checked this, but in Settings, is 'Auto Lock' set to 'Off while charging'?

I swear I never hit that option, don't have kids or monkeys, and don't sleepwalk. But... that was the answer! :roll_eyes: