Devine’s Prototypes

Inspired from Matt's Prototypes, I'd like to make a thread where I can post all my little daily playdate experiements as to not clutter the forum with individual threads.

My partner and I made this little cat clock a little while back, and I've turned it into a Playdate application, I was wondering, if it possible to make custom lock screens?

cat clock


Nice! Looks like it might fit the screen OK at 2x size, too.

You can't make custom lock screen apps (I don't ever expect that, because locking the screen during a game would then mean TWO apps running at the same time).

What I did for my Playtime clocks app is disable system auto-lock (a.k.a. "sleep") until the battery reaches a given level. So you must start my clock from the Launcher just like any game, but once running, it will stay: the system clock won't take over. Until the battery reaches whatever level the user chooses (I programmed a couple options) and then it WILL lock/sleep to conserve power. When plugged into power, that won't ever happen.

Alternatively, you could just tell users, "use plugged into power," and let auto-lock stay disabled while your app runs.

Here's what you need (EDIT--link fixed):

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Thanks @AdamsImmersive! That did the trick :slight_smile:

Here's another fun thing I've been poking at today, Wireworld playground on the Playdate.


Wireworld is Turing-complete cellular automaton particularly suited to simulating transistors.

Wireworld uses what is called the Moore neighborhood, which means that in the rules above, neighbouring means one cell away in any direction, both orthogonal and diagonal.


  • head, becomes tail
  • tail, becomes conductor
  • conductor, becomes head with 1 or 2 heads neighbors.



I'm a CA junkie! Always up for playing with a new one!

Made a simple little canvas bag for the playdate from a piece of 13cm x 28cm and a piece of webbing.


Great to see you here Devine. Love the bag.

Woah! Alex! Long time no see.
Good to see you here as well :slight_smile:

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I have a sock I want to turn in to a bag for the playdate, seeing this makes me want to do it! :slight_smile:

I'm using an old iPod sock made by "peepbags" that I bought over 10 years ago!

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We should have a dedicated thread where people can share their DIY cases and sleeves!


I've been dreaming of ORCA on the little playdate, I know you had Uxn running on it, I just didn't manage to compile it yet, any chance of binaries download? :sweat_smile:

I've been dreaming of ORCA on the little playdate

Oh! Yes of course, I can make you an Orca build :slight_smile: it runs amazingly well on it now. I'm out right now, but I'll make you a pdx as soon as I can.

@tendigits I managed to build uxn-playdate, the console says the boot.rom got loaded (using the orca rom from itch), but nothing shows up on the screen.
Also had to comment out screen_dei and screen_deo from main.c because they were already defined inside devices/screen.c .

Did I mess something up or is the project currently not running?
Thanks in advance for the help!

Sorry for the long delay, I got caught up in all sorts of things.

You shouldn't have any conflict with screen ports, could you make sure that your version of uxn-playdate is the latest?

One thing that has stumped me with the monochrome version of Orca is the visibility of the locked cells, and I haven't solved it yet, but to make a version of orca that displays properly in black and white, the cell style for normal cells, has to be set to 01.

Hi and no worries! I am using latest.
Editing what I just wrote about screen_dei and screen_deo. I made the mistake of adding screen.c to the project.
Still nothing shows up on the screen though, no errors, console says the system started and boot.rom loaded.
I'm on latest sdk.

So, that's an improvement. You shouldn't have to modify the project at all, and if you put a boot.rom in etc/ and do make sim, it opens the simulator with a blank screen?

I'm compiling it from visual studio, that's why I mistakenly added audio.cpp to the solution, oops.
Console definitely says the system started and boot.rom has loaded, if I try and display the playdate fps from your code in the main loop, the fps does show up. When I click on the menu button, the option to reboot uxn is there.
One thing to note is that if I try to invoke the dispay fps api from anywhere in your code where it's supposed to parse opcodes to display pixels, then it never gets called. It's like it never finds anything to draw.
The boot.rom file I'm using comes from the desktop uxn files from itch, I tried a few roms, none of them shows anything.