Difference between standard and delay timers?

What is the difference between playdate.timer.new and playdate.timer.performAfterDelay? The documentation seems to describe the same behavior. Do they have different semantics?

The code for these is in CoreLibs so you can read it yourself:

  • PlaydateSDK/CoreLibs/timer.lua

playdate.timer.new(duration, callback, …)

  • example use: counting seconds for display on a "stopwatch" timer

the next one is a common use of the above so gets its own method name to make your code more readable. internally it calls the above.

playdate.timer.performAfterDelay(delay, callback, …​)

  • example use: changing enemy boss behaviour after 60 seconds

...I hope that helps!

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I believe playdate.timer.performAfterDelay() is simply a shorthand to make your code more readable.

@matt the timer of performAfterDelay will start immediately like playdate.timer.new()

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Thanks Nic have removed superfluous text in my reply.