Discrepancy in documentation on default and maximum FPS: error?

So, the Inside Playdate — 1.1. Playdate specifications section reads:

Refreshed at 30 frames-per-second (fps) by default, maximum 50 fps

Later, on setRefreshRate() it also repeats:

The default is 30 fps, which is a recommended figure that balances animation smoothness with performance and power considerations. Maximum is 50 fps.

However, its C counterpart Inside Playdate with CsetRefreshRate() reads different:

Sets the nominal refresh rate in frames per second. Default is 20 fps, the maximum rate supported by the hardware for full-frame updates.

Is this 30–50 vs. 20 FPS difference being a documentation error, or?..

  • SDK version: 2.0.3
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It is a "the documentation needs to be updated" kind of error.

20 fps was the default and maximum value during the Playdate Developer Preview. After some work by @dave, Panic was able to push the maximum frame rate to approximately 50 fps and change the default to 30 fps.

There are multiple references to this story in the Playdate Podcasts, notably in the one about Zipper.


I'll file an issue to get the C docs updated - thanks!