Dispaly Thumbnail on PlayDate

I've been looking around and can't find anything explaining this - is there a way to control what is displayed as the "thumbnail" for your game as it appears on the PlayDate console menu? At the moment my game just shows up as a static image of the title screen, which isn't ideal as it includes a start menu.

I'd like it to have a nicer image so if people download the game it looks a bit better in their list of games. I'm not sure if it's possible to have an animated one for a Pulp game or not but just being able to control which image is shown would be great. Thanks in advance.

Just found the launcher card option on Pulp. For anyone else as unobservant as me who might wonder - it's on the 'Game' section in the Pulp editor.

You can change your card image after exporting your pulp game, although it is quite tricky to do so.