Display Issue with Playdate SDK Page

So I tried to download the latest SDK and it seems Discourse is going funky on me.
When I reach the lower part of the post, the page goes blank.

Screen Recording 2021-12-17 at 17_26_39

It seems the class of the post is switched to “cloaked-post” for some mysterious reason.
Screen Recording 2021-12-17 at 17_31_52

It happens to me on both Firefox and Safari.

Other discussion https://discord.com/channels/590783499494228008/712709706984194178/920845441212502106


  • Activate reader mode in your browser
  • Zoom out to 50%

You can track my >1 year old issue on the Discourse forum https://meta.discourse.org/t/ios-app-content-disappears-when-scrolling-long-post/164535

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Nic thanks for checking web inspector. That class is coming from Discourse source code.

My hunch is the top of the post goes so far off screen they remove it from view/list, or something.

Somehow that seems to be related to the two hidden posts.
I can delete the node of post_2 or post_3 and the problem disappear.

I am just not sure what are these posts.

@ashur do you know what are these hidden posts?

As Matt noted, it seems to be a function of Discourse itself, though we’re not sure what their intention is. (In addition to the cloaked-post class being added, the entire article element is removed from the DOM :sparkles:)

FWIW, I’m able to reproduce this on iOS and regular old Firefox on macOS if I make my browser window short enough 😵‍💫

But anyway, to answer your question! To my knowledge there aren’t any other posts on that thread, only the top-level post announcing the release:

So the cloaking seems to be how they handle infinite scrolling. They remove the content to save RAM and rendering.

The issue is that in this case they wrongly assume the post can be hidden/removed.

That could be related to the hidden post that you can see in the DOM. They seem to be related to the special status of the thread (pinned globally, listed). You can even sometimes so the post count at the bottom of the thread.

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