Documentation: ​ characters in the HTML cause invisible syntax errors

The HTML docs have numerous invisible "zero-width space" characters, coded as ​, immediately following each ellipsis (…), which is coded as ….

Result: when you copy the code from the docs and paste into an editor (I use Nova, and Windows users have reported something similar on Discord), it causes an error on Run. Tricky to track down because the error message isn't always helpful and the offending character is invisible.

I see that the docs are encoded as UTF-8, so it should be possible just to use a real ellipsis (option-semicolon on Mac). But even if the ellipsis has to be entity-encoded, the invisble character after it causes problems when pasted.

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I'm not exactly sure why, but these zero-width spaces were being inserted by the AsciiDoc converter. I've manually escaped those ellipses to avoid the conversion step altogether, which seems to have fixed this. Thanks for letting us know!

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