Documentation: auto-lock time is really 180 seconds?

I've been having weird issues with setAutoLockDisabled() but I THINK it may come down to a simple documentation error*. The docs say auto-lock happens in 60 seconds... but it seems to actually be 180 seconds?

(* Coupled with my Playdate refusing to auto-lock at all for the first week... until I did a quick Restart which fixed that!)

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Just ran into the same issue, looks like the timeout has indeed increased to 3 minutes:

Just the docs being out of date :slight_smile:

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Bumping because the discrepancy still seems to be there on the latest version of the Inside docs (v2.1.1). Inside Playdate I've confirmed the auto-lock timer within the OS itself to be 180 seconds.

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Filed it, hopefully we won't forget to update it this time. Thanks!