Dr. Nyario (Dr. Mario clone)

I am almost done porting Dr. Mario to the Play Date
I hope to be done the final bit of logic (the tile clearing/scoring system) tomorrow and wanted to share my progress

It saves/loads the highscore, uses the crank to set the virus level and rotate the pill (though A/B also do it), and has the proper menu/intro/giftwrapper pictures (though I can't see those in the simulator), and on low/medium difficulty it shows a ghost pill at the bottom of the screen to indicate where it'll land.


The bad news is I'll be charging $2.50 in the hopes of paying off my PlayDate, which won't even arrive till next year ;_;

I ran into some bugs and ran out of time today to fix them.

would happily pay $2.50 for this!!

Thank you, I was worried there'd be no interest

Thanks to feedback from the playdateconsole subreddit, I have made some changed:

  • changed from the flashing indicator to a pulsing cursor
  • changed the design of the viruses so they're easier to tell apart
  • added a background to make the white virus easier to tell apart from the background