Dr. Panic - Classic puzzling action!

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Introducing Dr. Panic!

Match 4 or more colors vertically or horizontally to clear the tiles, with the goal of eliminating all of those pesky viruses!

I thought Pulp's tile-based approach would actually be great for a puzzle game, so I set about using Pulp to create a fun puzzle experience that you can enjoy on the go. Take a look!


Game features:

  • Classic puzzling action on your Playdate!
  • Choose between traditional button controls, or new crank controls!
  • 20+ levels with adjustable speed/difficulty settings
  • 3 different game endings. Try to find them all!

You can find the pdx file to load onto your Playdate, as well as the Pulp json to play around with yourself here:

DrPanic_1.3.zip (82.5 KB)

Happy puzzling!



What an impressive feat Drew!
You should be most proud.

I can't wait to play it on real hardware.

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that was F U N !

great job!

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I'd have no clue where to even start making this with pulp! Amazing work! :tada:

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DrPanic.pdx.zip (62.6 KB)
Someone had said they were having difficulty sideloading the pdx, so here's a single zip file with the pdx (no spaces in the name). Hopefully this fixes the issue that people were seeing!