Drawbridge Simulator

My first very simple demo for the Playdate: Drawbridge Simulator. Lua project. Each 360 deg turn of the crank raises or lowers the drawbridge. First time using Aseprite for graphics, which is a fun app to play with.



Nice. A self-contained experiment, or the starting point for bigger plans?

Very nice!

This is a stretch goal, but: what if you drew the bridge in code? It would look much sharper. I see it as a combination of a rect, some lines, and a fill pattern. The pattern could stay fixed and not distort with rotation. I think it would look nice!

You could turn this into a single screen game. Your army exits the castle to fight the enemy army and retreats recover. The enemy armies would be pattern based, so the game would be a matter of learning when to open and close the drawbridge. Close it too soon, and your guys die in the moat. Close it too late and the castle gets taken over.

Whether that is enough to make it fun or not is another story. It might be more fun with extra army control commands that use the D-pad and maybe the buttons. See the army mini game from Romancing Saga 3 for an example of something like this without a drawbridge. The battle that starts around the 20:00 mark is a castle siege, and 24:25 is castle defense.