DrawText behaves differently on sim/device (C API)

When trying to display Japanese text in the C API, I noticed that I was getting completely different results on device/sim based on character encoding and whether or not I use strings/wide strings.

Test code:

Result on device:

Result on sim:

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I saw your post on discord; you're on Windows right? What's the encoding of your source file? What compiler are you using?

Thanks for the reply. I'm on Windows 11, files are encoded in UTF-8 BOM (although I tried with no BOM as well). Using Visual Studio 2022.

Ran into this one today, same behavior as Nnnn

additional data point is that mac simulator shares the device behavior

Do all these strings render correctly on device? The way windows treats encoding is much different than the Mac so it's not surprising this doesn't work when embedding unicode characters directly into source files.