Duplicate games: Apparent recent changes in pdx version handling

I stumbled accross this snippet:

If you sideload multiple versions of the same game, only the latest version will be available on your device. However, if you sideloaded through the Playdate website before December 2022, later versions of the game will appear as a new game. This is due to a change we made to how the games’ unique identifiers are handled, which will improve sideloading. If you want to remove the duplicate game:

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Interesting. I just updated a game from Itch and this didn't happen for me. The new version replaced the old one by auto-download just fine, and both versions were listed together as one on the sideload page.

Maybe it's only if you sideload by USB? Or maybe this only applies to users of an imminent OS update?

In any case, hopefully saved data gets copied to the new installation, so progress is retained?

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