Editor bug? Weird behaviour with "say" box in pulp (with video)

Evening folks,

Using the "say" box (in the corner on the pulp editor) seems to produce weird results when embedding items in the text. In that, it doesn't save it when switching objects.

Obvs works fine through code, think it's just an editor bug?

I was able to replicate this. In my case, it actually replaced the say string with this:

on compile do
	say 1
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Cool, so it is a bug then and nothing weird on my end. Cheers for confirming @neven

Replacing the string with the PulpScript used to validate the embed is definitely a bug. But I think the cause of the bug is trying to embed a tile that doesn’t exist. Double check your tile name. (I wonder if the embed syntax isn’t handling spaces in tile names correctly or at all.)

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Sorry for the double post but this should be fixed now.

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@shaun Are you ever not working bud?

Seriously though, cheers for the fix!

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